Here’s A Quick Way To Cast Showbox

Showbox is highly recommended as one of the best APPs used to stream and download movies, TV shows or series in HD.

It is the easiest to use and doesn’t require registration or signing up which makes it stand out from the rest.

All users love Showbox because it doesn’t have pop up ads which usually are a big disruption as you are enjoying a movie

Most of the times, once you have downloaded the ShowboxAPP and it works perfectly on either your laptop or phone; you will desire to cast your movie on your TV

How to cast Showbox;

Google Chromecast allows you to stream your content to your TV from different streaming APPs like, Showbox. This is usually done with Wi-Fi internet connect and a HDMI cable that connects the TV with either you laptop or phone.

There are different types of casting APPs that can be used to cast content to your TV using Google Chromecast.

  • Local cast

Local cast is a good casting APP because you do not have to pay for it because it’s free and a good advantage is that it supports the use of subtitles

Once you have downloaded local cast APP from the APP store and you have connected your devices to a Wi-Fi connection and used a HDMI cable to connect the USB ports, open your ShowboxAPP

In the ShowboxAPP open your settings menu and change your default player to “other player” from the choices given

Choose the video you want to watch and open it using the local cast APP and enjoy streaming on your TV

  • All Cast

All cast is another method that can be used to cast content straight to you TV. It can be downloaded from the google play store as well.

This type of casting also requires internet connection and a HDMI cable for connection although it is the older version of casting and thus also requires an APP called Growbox to work

You will first need to download an MX player then install it and immediately uninstall

Enable or allow ‘unknown sources’ to connect from the settings and then download GrowboxAPP on your phone

This is a trick that allows your phone to use the GrowboxAPP but running under the MX player

Open the ShowboxAPP and follow the same procedure as mentioned above but choose the Growbox up on the menu and play the content using the Allcast APP

Enjoy casting all your favorite movies and TV shows on you TV screen.






Find out how Showbox App is legal

As one of the best and most downloaded streaming app, Showbox has a lot of questions from its users. Despite its offering free streaming and downloads that you can share from one device to another, the question of ‘is it safe and legal?’ lingers on users minds. First off, Showbox is definitely a safe app only if you have the best malware prevention apps installed on your device. The app is downloaded from untrustworthy sources therefore cannot be fully certified to be safe.

  • Showbox can be downloaded in different devices like Android, iOS, Apple devices, TV and even on PC. It offers a wide range of movies to choose from. You can never get bored with such an app which is fast, reliable and enables you to share its content to various devices.
  • When we term an application as legal, we mean that all content the app holds has permission from the owner for others to view its content.
  • Showbox does not have any copyright permission to share and allow download of the movies being streamed by thousands of users all around the world.
  • Users prefer the Showbox app because it’s free and has tons of videos to choose from.
  • Downloading and streaming of videos from the Showbox app attracts a lot of peer to peer sources. Showbox is an app that has no website where you can talk one on one with the developers. It’s an app that lets you enjoy all the videos you would love to watch for free but in case of any viruses or malware on your device, you are alone!
  • Some people do not mind this because there are malware applications you can download to your device to flush out all the hidden viruses inside apps.
  • Do not have me confused, Showbox is the best free streaming app to download to your device but with a lot of caution when it comes to safety. There are different alternatives to the Showbox app but they require a monthly fee for you to enjoy the same shows you can view on Showbox for free.
  • According to the copyright piracy acts, Showbox is an illegal app and has no strong platform to support it. Even though it comes up with better versions of where to download it to, users have to be careful not to draw any viruses to their devices.
  • Nonetheless, Showbox app remains to be the best entertainment platform that is enjoyed by many movie lovers.

What Everyone ought to know about Showbox App safety?

The Showbox application is one of the best media streaming apps in 2018. It is widely recommended for the variety of movies and TV shows it avails to its users for free. Yes, unlike other streaming applications, Showbox offers movie and TV show lovers the best of what the world has to offer for free. No subscriptions are done and downloading it is easy, fast, reliable and availed to Android and Apple users among others. Many people always ask the question, is Showbox safe? This is because it offers the best at no price! Well, Showbox is one of the safest apps you will download and enjoy with your family and friends.

Reasons as to why Showbox is safe;

  • Legal

When comparing streaming from Showbox and downloading a movie from torrent, it is better to stream. When downloading any content from torrent, files are picked from different locations so as enable them to be downloaded into your device. The files can be picked from anywhere even from the anti-piracy organization which will put you in so much trouble. Downloading and streaming for any content on the internet without permission is basically stealing. If you are using the Showbox app all you have to worry about is good internet connection.

  • Software

The application has not been tested and accepted to work under the Google terms and conditions. This is why you cannot find the app in the Google app store. This raises a lot of eyebrows to many users who feel it is not as safe as it is termed to be. However, downloading and installing the application to your device, whether iOS or Android, the user will have to allow apps from unknown sources, on the setting tab, to access your device. The application works perfectly well and there has not been any complaints of malware failure or virus infestation due to downloading the app.

Therefore, if you get the Showbox application from trusted sources and protect your device from any malware you are good to go. The application is safe to use and legally approved in the market. Get to enjoy downloading, streaming and sharing your best experience of the Showbox app with friends and family. Showbox is rated as one of the best free media streaming apps in the market, with this you can comfortably be assured that it is safe to download and use on your devic

What You Need To Know About Showmax On Chromebook

We all like to catch a movie often either on a night in with friends, family or even by yourself and with that comes a variety of sites and apps available for you to do that. The best app to consider would be Showmax.

Why Showmax?

  • Showmax is easy to us and it doesn’t require one to be the most tech-savvy person to understand it
  • It usually has the most if not all variety of movies to choose from
  • Showmax doesn’t have pop up ads which are usually the most annoying to penetrate through and usually leave you too frustrated to enjoy tour movie
  • It is made for all specific types of operating systems and is not limiting to a specific type; iPhone, android users, tablets, TV’s  users can all enjoy Showmax
  • It is not a to pay for app, downloading it is free and does not require the process of registering, signing up or log in
  • With Showmax it will save all your previously watched movies and thus you will be able to watch it again at your convenience
  • Showmax allows you the privileges of watching all the movies and shows on HD which is one of the best quality resolution

Unfortunately you cannot download Showmax directly to a Chromebook. In case you don’t know, a Chromebook is a new type of laptop that runs on ‘Chrome OS’ for Google. It usually works with internet connection and is secure in saving your information in the cloud.

However, it is possible to download Showmax to your Chromebook with the help of a chrome extension called an Arc welder. An Arc welder is an app used in a chrome browser that makes it possible to run any android application like Showmax on a laptop, a Chromebook laptop or computer.

Download Showmax to Chromebook

  • Before you begin, download Arc welder which can be found on google browser through the webstore.
  • Once you have done this you will notice a note that states ‘’Add your APK’’ once Arc welder is launched
  • Next, get the Showmax ‘APK’ file from the Showmax download portfolio
  • The final step is to click on ‘Open’ or ‘Test’ to officially launch the app

For the app to work to your preferred standards, check out the setting menu on the Showmax app and edit them to your liking.

Having done this, you can now enjoy watching movies, TV shows and series at your convenience.



5 Things to know about the Showbox Application

The Showbox is a media streaming application that is supported by various platforms like the Android, Apple, IOS, PS4, PC and Apple TV. In this time and era, almost everyone in the world owns a device that is able to connect to the internet. Free streaming Apps like Showbox are among the most popularly downloaded applications in the world for its fast and vast connection. It is known for delivering high-quality videos and variety of shows that are suitable for all ages.

Showbox is a trustable application that can easily be downloaded to your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or any device that has fast and reliable internet connection. Having such a reliable app makes you stream for movies without waiting for it to download first.

Showbox Features

  • Best Content

With the Showbox application, you are able to stream for the latest movie, series and TV shows with good and better visual quality. Do not feel left behind when you can easily install the Showbox app and enjoy the latest and trending programs all around the world.

  • No subscription

Don’t you just hate it when you are trying out a new application and you are required to subscribe before you can enjoy any content? Well, with the Showbox application, you are able to stream first hand without any subscription. Enjoy all your best programs from the word go without subscribing for a single thing.

  • Downloading

The best feature about the application is that you can download and save any program of your liking for future viewing or share it to other devices. With this you can enjoy watching the best movies with your close friends and family even if they are far.

  • No limits to streaming

Users have no limit to streaming with the wide variety of movies, TV shows, sport shows and many more. You can never get bored or run out of something to watch while using the Showbox application.

  • Download and Installation

This application is very easy to download, install and navigate through. You can easily download the app to your device by following simple instructions. Once you have the app installed, navigating through it is as easy as looking for your best channel on TV.

With the above features, Showbox remains to be one of the top free media streaming app. Its wide variety of movie genres is what attracts more users to download it.


How to turn Showbox on your PS3 or PS4 ?

With Showbox being one of the most exciting streaming Apps, it can not only be used on your phone; android or iOS, it can also be used on your laptop and computer

With the use of various APPs Showbox can also be cast on your TV and now can also be used on your ps3 and ps4 device

Ps3 and ps4 are PlayStation versions that are used to play games and with the help of Showbox it can also be used to watch movies, TV shows and series.

Benefits of having Showbox on your ps3 or ps4



  • Watch content on a bigger screen and in high definition
  • Its features usually have special effects that turn a regular movie into a theatre or cinema feel
  • To easily switch from playing a game to catching a TV show episode and back to the game again at your convenience
  • Save content that you download to your ps3 or ps4 that can be streamed straight to your TV
  • No pop up advertisement- this is one of the best features that helps this way of streaming stand out due to the convenience of no disruptions while you watch a movie or TV show
  • It enables you to switch to different languages according to your preference

Showbox on ps3

  • In order for Showbox to work on a ps3 you will need to download three essential things an MX player, iMedia share and Showbox
  • Connect your ps3 to a Wi-Fi connection and open the iMedia share APP.
  • Next open the ShowboxAPP and select the content you want to watch and play it using the MX player
  • Open the MX player and using your ps3 controller click on play

Showbox on ps4

  • The ps4 being the latest version of the PlayStation and Showbox being one of the best streaming APPs it is quite simple to use the two together
  • Once you have a good Wi-Fi connection in the settings of your TV connect your ps4 to your phone or computer
  • On your ps4 setting uncheck the ‘internal player’ so as to ensure there is no disruption when watching your content
  • Launch the ShowboxAPP and click enter or watch now to enjoy your streaming.

Content streamed on a ps4 or ps3 is usually free of piracy and thus you can enjoy your viewing without worrying about legal matters like copyright acts.




How To Guide: Direct Install Show Box on Amazon Fire-TV Stick (Oct 2018)

You can’t begin to use Showbox on Firestick if you don’t first understand the basics. Firestick, is a great addition to the TV world, as it gives you the rare ability to change your TV into a Smart TV. What this does is to enable you to download apps directly, to browse the web, and you also get a remote controller that gives you access to all the Firestick features that come along with this conversion.

How does this factor into Showbox? Well, Showbox is one of the best online streaming sites on the market right now. By merging Showbox and Firestick, you get the great value of not just watching movies on your phone, or tablet, but on your TV as well. Which means you get HD quality movies and series, and you get to watch them on a large screen. That’s a way better experience than having to squint at your phone all day.

How to Download Showbox on Firefox

  • Find settings on your firestick menu(on your right side)
  • Click on ‘device’, then click on ‘developer options’
  • For Andriod, turn on ‘apps from unknown sources’. This will allow you to install apps that aren’t on Google play, or apps that are mostly from 3rd party sources
  • Then you need to install the ES file explorer on the Firestick and open it.
  • Select the ‘favorite’ button and click the ‘Add’ Option.
  • Youll get at url. Bookmark it and name it ShowBox.
  • When you visit the url, the app will begin downloading.
  • Usually after downloading it will install itself, so you don’t really need to follow up the entire process.
  • The app will show up on your home screen, after which all you have to do is open it and stream your favorite movies and TV shows anytime.


Many people ask why you would need Showbox on your TV when you already have Firestick. If you can browse with it, why not just skip Showbox and watch movies directly. Well, the answer to that is, Showbox isn’t just a streaming app, it is THE app. Its feature rich, you have the option to share content through various social sites, you can update your library of online videos, you also get parental restrictions, which allows you to choose what your kids can and can’t watch. All these features blend together perfectly to give the best viewing experience ever.

Showbox App Download For Tablet: Step By Step Guide

If you are in the market for an App that allows you to watch all the free series, TV shows and movies for free, then the Showbox App should be at the top of your list. It’s not just about having a selection of movies and series at your disposal, it’s also about the added value of being able to access all the shows you like at the touch of a button. Getting the Showbox app for your tablet also gives you the added value of being up to date with all the new movie releases, your favorite shows, new series, plus a whole bunch of other great value items you really don’t want to miss.

What you should know

Downloads vary based on what kind of operating system you’re using. There are several types of O.S’s, so you need to know which one your tablet is operating on for you to effectively know which download mechanics will best suit your needs. Before downloading the Showbox App, you need to do a systems check to verify your device’s operating system. Whether it’s iOS for Apple devices, Symbian OS for Nokia devices or Android O.S for Google devices. Many people tend to go for Andriod or iOS, so that will be the focus here.

Steps for downloading Showbox on an iPhone or Tablet

The best place to get your Apps if your tablet is on an iOS is from vShare. Different operating systems require different download procedures, and therefore it is important to know which one suits your device best. Here’s how you do it.

  1. First, you need to Google the vShare download site
  2. You need to find the un-jailbroken version, download it, it will give the option to launch-Launch it on your device.
  3. On the search page, type Showbox, it will be the dmg file.
  4. After that, all you have to do is install and launch. It’s pretty simple.

Steps for Downloading Showbox for Tablet

Getting the Showbox App on your Android tablet is a bit easier compared to other operating systems, so the downloading process shouldn’t give you a hard time. These few steps should help.

  1. First, one important step that is overlooked, Android devices tend not to allow downloads from unknown sources, so you need to enable it in your device’s settings.
  2. Then you to find the apk.Showbox file, download it, then launch it.
  3. Once you’ve agreed to all terms and permissions, install the app. It may take a couple of minutes.

The only thing left now is to scroll your best shows, and watch the movies you like whenever you want.

Showbox Not Working: How To Fix Showbox Connection Error

Who wants a bunch of annoying ad popping up right in the middle of your favorite movie? This is the one you don’t have to worry about with Showbox. Considered one of the best, feature-rich online streaming sites, Showbox gives you a user-friendly interface, and, even better, it’s easy to navigate. Unfortunately, like most apps, it does have its fair share of problems, problems that usually arise from issues with installation or errors associated with the lack of streaming options.

Here is a list of ways to deal with different issues on your Showbox app.

Showbox is not working or updating

  • In most scenarios, this is usually a playback issue, and the quickest way to resolve this would be to uninstall your Google plus updates, uninstalling your twitter may also be necessary.
  • If the device you are using has Android lollipop or above, you will need to open settings bar, go to About Phone, tap a couple of times on build number to unlock the developers options, scroll down until you locate ‘AwesomePlayer’, it may already be enabled, so you may have to disable your device and reboot it. Note that this only works if it is already enabled, if it isn’t then all you have to do is enable it.

Showbox not working/updating on my Android device

If it’s on an Android device, then there are some simple steps to help you get your Showbox up and running. There are basically two solutions for Android, and since the error message is quite common in these devices, both solutions will be explained.

First solution

  • The first and simplest problem when your Showbox is not working may be because your RAM is full, you may need to close some apps that may be still be running in the background. You also have to keep in mind that using your devices for long periods at a time may cause it to overheat, which, in some cases may cause your apps not to work properly.

Second solution

  • If the error messages persist, you may need to update your app to the latest version, first you need to download it to your computer, save it, then transfer it to your Android phone or tablet. Then all you need to do is open the SD card, install the file and run it.


The first and most important step in ensuring you get a properly functioning Showbox app is to make sure you download it from a reliable source. Although error messages are common, a reliable source will give you the advantage of an effectively functioning app, as well as upgrades that aren’t susceptible to errors and pop up ads every time you try to stream a movie.

How to Update Showbox Complete Guide: Latest Version 2018

It’s important to keep tabs on new updates for you to get the most out of your Showbox app. knowing when and how to update your apps you have the latest and most top of the line streaming experience out there. First, you need to figure out where to find reliable download sides so you don’t end up with an app that is full of error messages and ads. Here are a couple of steps to help you get that ultimate experience.

  1. You can do it manually, following some simple steps

  • First, download the latest Showboxapk file
  • Uninstall the older version
  • Go to setting and clear cache as well as its default settings.
  • Delete stored files, all you have to do here is go to the file manager in your device, select the items you need to delete and get rid of them
  • Then you will need to install the Showbox update file you downloaded and run it.

Note that this procedure is largely suited for Android devices.

  1. The second step in updating your app is you can do it automatically. Few easy steps to follow here.

  • Find the Showbox app on your device.
  • Check for available updates. You’ll need a good internet connection for this process, this will allow the update to run itself without taking up too much of your time.
  • Once you’ve seen the option to update, all you need to do is click on the latest update and wait. It will do all the work for you.
  • Sometimes the update doesn’t show on your device screen immediately, don’t worry, it’s there. All you have to do is go to the menu bar on your device, browse through for movies, and wait. Showbox will notify you of updates by displaying them on your screen. It is actually quite simple.

Automatic updating does tend to save a lot of time, and if you get a reliable source then you won’t have to worry about error reports and pop up ads ruining your streaming experience.


Showbox is considered one of the easiest, most user-friendly streaming sites, it has tons of subscribers and it gives you the best options when it comes to movies, series and TV shows. This wide variety and the fact that you can access it just about anywhere makes Showbox an app that should definitely be on your download list.