How To Guide: Direct Install Show Box on Amazon Fire-TV Stick (Oct 2018)

You can’t begin to use Showbox on Firestick if you don’t first understand the basics. Firestick, is a great addition to the TV world, as it gives you the rare ability to change your TV into a Smart TV. What this does is to enable you to download apps directly, to browse the web, and you also get a remote controller that gives you access to all the Firestick features that come along with this conversion.

How does this factor into Showbox? Well, Showbox is one of the best online streaming sites on the market right now. By merging Showbox and Firestick, you get the great value of not just watching movies on your phone, or tablet, but on your TV as well. Which means you get HD quality movies and series, and you get to watch them on a large screen. That’s a way better experience than having to squint at your phone all day.

How to Download Showbox on Firefox

  • Find settings on your firestick menu(on your right side)
  • Click on ‘device’, then click on ‘developer options’
  • For Andriod, turn on ‘apps from unknown sources’. This will allow you to install apps that aren’t on Google play, or apps that are mostly from 3rd party sources
  • Then you need to install the ES file explorer on the Firestick and open it.
  • Select the ‘favorite’ button and click the ‘Add’ Option.
  • Youll get at url. Bookmark it and name it ShowBox.
  • When you visit the url, the app will begin downloading.
  • Usually after downloading it will install itself, so you don’t really need to follow up the entire process.
  • The app will show up on your home screen, after which all you have to do is open it and stream your favorite movies and TV shows anytime.


Many people ask why you would need Showbox on your TV when you already have Firestick. If you can browse with it, why not just skip Showbox and watch movies directly. Well, the answer to that is, Showbox isn’t just a streaming app, it is THE app. Its feature rich, you have the option to share content through various social sites, you can update your library of online videos, you also get parental restrictions, which allows you to choose what your kids can and can’t watch. All these features blend together perfectly to give the best viewing experience ever.