What Everyone ought to know about Showbox App safety?

Showbox is a movie streaming app. It has been recommended by many internet portals for watching free movies and tv shows. However we want to tell you that this app is not safe for use, since the files may contain virus, along with the fact that the showbox app is illegal, which means that it picks up its movies from torrent. Many people always ask the question, is Showbox safe? This is because it offers a lot of movies right! Well, we have answered your question above.

Reasons as to why Showbox is not safe;

  • Not legal

When comparing streaming from Showbox and downloading a movie from torrent, it is one and the same thing. When downloading any content from torrent, files are picked from different locations so as enable them to be downloaded into your device. The files can be picked from anywhere even from the anti-piracy organization which will put you in so much trouble. Downloading and streaming for any content on the internet without permission is basically stealing. If you are using the Showbox app you have to be careful, better stop using it!

  • Software

The application has not been tested and accepted to work under the Google terms and conditions. This is why you cannot find the app in the Google app store. This raises a lot of eyebrows to many users who feel it is not as safe as it is termed to be. Downloading and installing the application to your device, whether iOS or Android, the user will have to allow apps from unknown sources, on the setting tab, to access your device. The application may work for you but there have been many complaints of malware failure or virus infestation due to downloading the app.

Therefore you can never be sure of the Showbox app wherever you download it from. The application is not safe to use and not legally approved in the market. If you start downloading, streaming and sharing  the Showbox app with friends and family it can land you in legal trouble.

Disclaimer: This website is purely for informative purposes and we are not associated with any of the ShowBox developers or its partners. No pirated content or any apk has been hosted or shared on this website. We are strictly against promoting any pirated content. Using Showbox may lead you to trouble, so we advise against it.