How to Download ShowBox to Kindle Fire – Installation Guide

Gone are the days when kindle used to be just a book reading device. You can do a lot more these days on a kindle. However, with the latest technological innovations, you can also watch movie shows & TV on this. You can do so now.

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Kindle fire operates on Amazon fire OS. This operating system is based on the Android platform. This is the reason why you can now download apps like Showbox on kindle. If you’re looking for a way to download Showbox on kindle, this article will guide you through.

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Showbox for Kindle Fire HD/HDX/HD7 – Complete Procedure 

The method is a bit different than the one for Android. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Before starting the process, you’ll first have to turn on the permissions. To do so, go to settings and tap on ‘more’. Now, tap on ‘devices’ and look for ‘apps for unknown sources’ option. Turn it on.
  2. Once the permissions have been granted, launch your browser and you may get the apk file from internet.
  3. Now, tap on the downloaded apk and install it. Once installed, you may be able to watch movies & tv shows on your Kindle.

Initially, when you launch the app, you’ll be taken to the movies section. You can select your desired movies and watch or download them. There’s a separate section for TV shows as well. Both the sections are claimed to be timely updated by users with the latest content. There are different streaming quality options you can select from as per your internet speed. The UI is normal.


Let us now have a look at the common problems and questions the users face.

Q1. Is using Showbox on kindle safe?

Just use an anti-virus if required and you should be fine.

Q2. How to resolve “Showbox isn’t responding” issue?

At times, you might get this error message. To solve it, just go to settings and clear Showbox app data and cache. You can also reinstall the app again if clearing the data doesn’t work. If both of the methods don’t work, check whether there’s an update or a new apk version available. If it is, download it.

Q3. Is Showbox apk for kindle free from viruses and malware?

There are some third-party sources that can contain potential viruses.

Q4. Not able to stream movies and TV shows online on Showbox.

Make sure the player you’ve selected is properly installed. You can select the player that the app provides and you can also select an internal player of your own.


Show Box is NOT a legitimate software application for watching copyright protected movies. The movie studios will be able to see your IP address and your COMPLETE viewing history! (Do you really want the movie studios knowing the types of videos you like?) You will very likely be sued for copyright infringement. It is not worth the trouble! You can use Best Legal apps (alternatives) like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.